Do you want to programmatically use big data to strategically target patients for your clinical study through an RTB exchange? Not sure what that means? Not to worry. The bottom line is that if you want more patients for every marketing dollar you spend, or you're wondering how to make recruitment more measurable and effective, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Online Study Footprint Development (e.g. Website, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Database Management
  • Sophisticated Tracking Software
  • Marketing Creative Creation
  • Online Advertising Services
  • Multi-Channel-Funnel Analytics & ROI Reporting
Website Design
NeverPeak's production services also include designing and hosting full-featured, study-specific websites. These websites include Flash Video and either pre-screening or full screening questionnaires that offer multiple methods for the website visitor who passes the questionnaire to make contact with the study clinic.
Online study feasibility
Never Peak provides powerful tools to conduct online feasibility evaluation before a study starts. Gain insight about patient population, demographics, and the effectiveness of your study’s online recruitment campaign before it starts.

Online assessment of patient population Study specific analysis to define size and location of patient population.

Experts of online patient recruitment
Patient recruitment is a rate limiting step in most clinical studies. Never Peak provides a web based patient recruitment service developed in close collaboration with patient advocacy groups and leading pharmaceutical companies. Our method increases the recruitment rate and brings motivated eligible subjects to investigator sites.
One stop source - All the tools and support needed to complete enrollment.
Data driven process - Continuous statistical modeling for recruitment optimization.
Global outreach - Global reach to study specific patient populations.
NP Health™ Network
Our NP Health™ Network includes a collection of websites that have partnered with Never Peak to display ads on their properties.

With the shift away from developing 'Blockbuster' drugs toward developing therapeutics for rare and orphan diseases, we've made it a point to develop exclusive relationships with the web's top publishers on specific diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few.

Pharma companies can target their messages to specific patient communities on blogs, journals, patient advocacy websites (and more) across desktop, mobile and tablet devices in any geographic location. Something that traditional publishers can't do.
Study retention
Engage and retain your patients. There’s no value in recruiting the right patients if they drop out before the study is completed. Never Peak’s retention program facilitate communication between site and patient to keep motivation levels high.
Mobile and web enabled. Stay in touch with your patients by sending study related reminders and notifications.
Direct to patient. Submit questionnaires to follow up motivational parameters
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