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We developed a range of solutions to help you achieve unprecedented results in patient enrollment.
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Do you want to programmatically use big data to strategically target patients for your clinical study through an RTB exchange? Not sure what that means? Not to worry. The bottom line is that if you want more patients for every marketing dollar you spend, or you're wondering how to make recruitment more measurable and effective, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Online Study Footprint Development (e.g. Website, Facebook, YouTube)
  • Database Management
  • Sophisticated Tracking Software
  • Marketing Creative Creation
  • Online Advertising Services
  • Multi-Channel-Funnel Analytics & ROI Reporting
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NeverPeak Health Network
NeverPeak Health Network is our self-service marketing platform that connects top healthcare publishers with pharmaceutical sponsors seeking patients. It provides sponsors with exclusive reach to our network of the web's top healthcare publishers. Through our network, Sponsors are able to find patients on targeted publisher sites and deliver high ROI on their online recruitment spend. At the same time, it provides unparalleled payouts for publishers. Everyone wins!
  • Patient Support Groups
  • Top Healthcare Bloggers
  • Leading Twitter Evangelists
  • Facebook Patient Communities
  • University, NGO, Hospital Providers
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Our Pay-For-Results Model
Ensures you will get the maximum number of incremental new patients at the lowest cost. We work with online media that sees high traffic from patients who have expressed an interest in information related to your clinical study or medical treatment. Then, we grab their attention - like a laser beam attracts a kitten. Except our laser beams are clicks or calls to your immaculately-designed study website and our kittens are qualified new patient referrals!
  • Potential patient sees our ad...
  • Clicks to study website or calls directly from ad to closest clinical site...
  • Qualified subjects become online referrals...
  • Study coordinator is notified & schedules new patient screening...
  • Successfully screened patients are randomized into study...
  • And our tracking & pricing system ensures you get what you pay for: new patients!